Select Apertivo – The Perfect Pairing





Born in Venice in 1920, Select Aperitivo is an award-winning liqueur recognized as the essential ingredient for crafting the original Venetian Spritz. In our role as creative AOR for Select in the United States, we helped spread the word of this Aperitivo’s rich 100-year tradition through social, digital, and creative strategy.

In 2021, we launched a new vibrant, premium look and feel, which came to life in seasonal timely campaigns, contests, and a new e-commerce platform. To help our audience embrace the Venetian lifestyle in every way possible, our platform leveraged influencer content that promoted hero cocktail recipes to enjoy and the best occasions to serve Select. Plus, we partnered with Cocktail Courier to design a Summer Select Spritz kit to make indulging in a Select Spritz even easier.