Minute Rice – Rice That Adds Up



With a quick cooking time and a delicious range of products, Minute Rice® has been a trusted and reliable staple item in Canadian homes for decades. In 2021, we were tasked with re-introducing the brand to consumers across digital channels, including social, Google Ads, programmatic, and mobile gaming.

We know that real life is spontaneous and feeding a family on a busy day requires simple, dependable ingredients. From this insight, we built a brand platform that reduced the act of cooking to straightforward, digestible math equations—because with Minute Rice on your side and a few staple ingredients in your pantry, mealtime really can be that easy. Our campaign reached nearly 17 million Canadians and garnered over 40 million impressions.  By showcasing not only the variety of recipes available, but the wholesome simplicity that Minute Rice provides to consumers, our campaign shattered expectations.