Meet Coach – Recycle BC



Over the years, Recycle BC has taken many approaches to talking to residents about recycling – from celebrating their actions, to pointing out their errors, and everything in between. But people were still not getting the message. Trust in recycling was down, contamination continued to be a problem, and residents were confused by changes to the program.

So how do you motivate the residents of BC to recycle more – and most importantly, recycle right? We built on the success of pop culture’s most successful motivator – Ted Lasso – and brought in our own coach, Rick Cycle: BC’s resident recycling Coach.

Whether he’s delivering a much-needed recycling pep-talk, or giving useful tips and techniques, Coach’s positivity makes him the perfect leader to bring out the best in BC.

This new playful, light-hearted tone enabled us to speak to our audience in a more natural, conversational way, and showed BC residents that anyone can be a recycling MVP.